Many of us have some form of PTSD from something that has happened to us…

Imagine not being able to step on manhole covers or drive over trash in your car because you thought it would blow up!

Listen to how veteran Ryan Matthews has managed to deal with it and it could help you.

Ryan Matthews, a decorated veteran took his experience training elite Army K-9’s to the civilian pet dog training market and built a dog training empire making close to a million dollars in 2.5 years. He successfully trained over 3,000 pet dogs using his proven formula that works for any dog of any age. Despite Ryan’s success, his childhood trauma, along with combat PTSD (deployment to Iraq with Army K-9 Zito,) caused him to become a workaholic.

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Podcast by the numbers further down the page, let me know if this was useful to you…


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Podcast by the Numbers:

2 MINS – Bomb dog handler, Dog Trainer to Celebrity TV ‘ Dog Man”

4 MINS – Transition from Combat

6 MINS – PTSD and being in FEAR mode

9 MINS – International and National bomb threats

11 MINS – Why would you pursue this?

14 MINS – Alone, the unknowns and entering combat!

19 MINS – Mediation as a game changer

21 MINS – Advice for dealing with fears and anxieties

24 MINS – Becoming a workaholic, Cancer and a Heart attack

26 MIN – Dog training tips from the expert!



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Outwitting The Devil – Napoleon Hill
Ask and It Is Given – Esther Hicks




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