This episode is about how you grow and maintain true love, an important show for sure!

Can You Grow True Love Daily With These 3 Simple Questions?

R. James (Jim) Steffen spent the early part of his life earning four degrees: Philosophy, Theology, Mathematics and Educational Psychology. This helped him found SSA International (Steffen, Steffen & Associates, Inc.). As President of SSA International, Dr. Jim became an internationally known speaker, consultant, and trainer. This gave him opportunity to work with leaders in 160 Fortune 500 Companies over the last 40+ years.

His company and management programs helped many clients get the most from their time and career. He summarized these discoveries and insights in his international best seller: Aligned Thinking: Make Every Moment Count. It was translated into seven languages. But something was still missing: how to get the most from life and love itself.

It was only when he met and married his co-author, Carol Steffen that he learned from her how “life can be better than a dream come true.” She also helped him realize that True Love That Lasts can be Forever and Ever and Then Some, indicating that it can last even into the next life.

As married partners for thirty-three plus years, they have teamed up to share with you how the simplicity of a single question a day can help you discover and implement…The Secret of Growing True Love That Lasts.

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Podcast by the Numbers:

3 MINS – The 1 Minute Manager – Ken Blanchard Ph.D.

5 MINS – Aligned thinking, making every moment count

8 MINS – Why just ONE question a day?

10 MINS – Henry Ford

13 MINS – A working definition of love

17 MINS – The 1st Question to ask

18 MINS – The WRONG Question to ask!

19 MINS – The 2nd Question to ask

22 MINS – The 3rd Question to ask

25 MINS -The 3 Questions to ask in the week



“Life with you is better than a dream come true”


The One Minute Manager – Ken Blanchard
I’m Ok, You’re Ok – Thomas Harris
True Love That Lasts – Jim and Carrol Steffen



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