#7 Best Of Season One (BOSO) Squeezed down to 15 minutes from episode #35 July 16, 2014

Judy Can Niekerk – Against The Grain

SUMMARY – This is a Jaw Dropping story of overcoming adversity that you will not believe! Judy van Niekerk is known as the most sought after transformational life and business strategist for entrepreneurs who are committed to building tremendous success out of their life challenges and learning how to capitalise on their experiences.

She is famous for transforming perceptions that allow her clients totally transform their lives and exponentially grow their life, income and success! she never allows excuses – excuses and hope are chains that slow progress and success!

ALPHA QUOTE “What you plan for tomorrow is as important as what you do today”

ALPHA ORIGIN Born in London to Irish parents. She grew up in Ireland. She lived a very unusual life with a violent and abusive father who kept her captive for her young life! Eventually she managed to escape. Her experiences in life eventually made her strong. She had several overdoses, near death experience and engaged in extreme activities.


Abundance – Peter Diamandis (What is going on right now)

The Passion Test – Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Atwood

Who should I interview next?

Chris Atwood – Author of the book Passion Test

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