This episode is about the Dangerous interaction between Opioids and Alcohol consumption, listening to this could save your life or someone you know!

Dr. Michael Presti MD, PhD, a Mayo Clinic-trained neurologist and the CEO of SafeRX Pharmaceuticals, shares his work on a new additive into pharmaceuticals that may help reduce the risk of overdose.

The opioid crisis has swept the nation, leading to a staggering rise in addiction and overdose. However, if patients are able to stay abreast of alcohol while taking their prescription, some danger can be reduced. With a long-overlooked treatment for alcoholism, the addition into opioid tablets and pills may curb one’s appetite for drink. While this does not present a cure for the opioid epidemic, it may play a significant part in harm reduction moving forward.

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Podcast by the Numbers:

2 MINS – Why has the opioid epidemic caused so many deaths?

5 MINS – Why “warnings” are not working

7 MINS – One TRILLION Dollars!

9 MINS – An ankle injury and Tragedy at 20 years old

11 MINS – Michaels “Lightbulb” Awakening moment!

15 MINS – Opioids are widely oversubscribed… why?

19 MINS – COVID and becoming an Entrepreneur

22 MINS – The challenges to save more lives

24 MINS – Going up against the “Bigger Groups”



“Act only on that maxim through which you can will universal law.”


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