This episode is about becoming the man the world needs and the ONE she wants by transitioning into your most confident, powerful, next-level self.

Destin Gerek, from insecure people pleaser to the Erotic Rockstar to Founder of The Evolved Masculine. Destin has twice-over reinvented himself to live a truly extraordinary life.

In his own words:
I have dedicated my life to helping you learn how to cultivate your masculine power, learn the secrets of sexual self-mastery and understand how to give women the powerful experience of a man that they crave. All rooted in a set of ethics that you can feel proud of aligning yourself with, and proud of the man that you become…

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Podcast by the Numbers:

3 MINS – High-school sweetheart raped at 15

5 MINS – Disconnecting your masculinity

7 MINS – From people pleaser to erotic rockstar!

10 MINS – “The Game” Neil Strauss

12 MINS – Evolved masculine

14 MINS – Erotic Superpowers

16 MINS – Key mistakes men tend to make

18 MINS – How to evolve your masculinity

22 MINS – Understanding women and the feminine

24 MINS – What are unhealthy sexual habits?



“Its a matter of switching gears, never looking back and be the person today that you’d always dreamed you would be. Entertain every thought, say every word and make every decision from their point of view, but since that person is who you really are just stop being who you aren’t”


Stealing Fire – Stephen Cotler


Justin Patrick Pierce


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