This episode is about how you can change any negative patterns that exist in your life.

Thais Gibson is an author, speaker and leader in the personal development field.

She has been recognized by Time Business News, The New York Post, Yahoo! News, Success Magazine and many other outlets for her cutting-edge research on the subconscious mind and personal transformation. She has accumulated over 8 million views across her social platforms and has helped thousands of people create tangible change in their lives.

Podcast by the numbers further down the page, let me know if this was useful to you…


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Podcast by the Numbers:

2 MINS – Addicted to painkillers at 14 years old

5 MINS – A motive to enhance performance

7 MINS – Dealing with your childhood trauma

9 MINS – Do you have a chemical imbalance from your thoughts?

10 MINS – The 4 Major Attachment Styles

15 MINS – Strategies to strengthen the relationships in your life

17 MINS – The power of Auto-Suggestion

20 MINS – There are no idle thoughts

23 MINS – What meanings are you attaching to situations?



“He who hates evil, only creates another one”


A Thousand Names For Joy – Byron Katie


21 Reprogramming Tools (Free on YouTube)
CANVEL CANCEL (Pattern Interrupt)


Giovanni (breath-work Coach)


PersonalDevelopmentSchoolThaisGibson (YouTube)

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