JEREMY RYAN SLATE – How To Create Your Own Life!

Jeremy has a miniture pig to start things off, talk about create your own life 😉

We start with him being read his LAST RIGHTS when things took a turn for the worse while he was still in school.

This was at 19, he tore three major ligaments in his knee, and had what was supposed to be an easy surgery. Turned out not to be so easy and led to me getting a hospital visit from a priest. What should have been a life changing event but wasn’t…

Heading off down the path as a pure Academic, into teaching and then…

I had the brilliant idea of running a personal training company, MLM business and selling life insurance at the same time… BURN OUT!

In late 2015, he started the Create Your Own Life Podcast and life very quickly took off and did a total 180. Now I addition to interviewing many of the people he admires most, he runs GetFeatured.Media and Slate Media Productions.

Having been a teacher, personal trainer and finally finding his place in marketing.


His “Awakening” moment @ 8 Minutes.

Chasing the money and how that worked out for him @ 9 Minutes

Professional V’s Amateur @ 11 Minutes

Podcasting Insider Thoughts @14 Minutes

YODA Question – Who Helped Awaken His Alpha @16 Minutes

What Does Success Mean To You? @ 18 Minutes

100 Million Dollars! @ 20 Minutes

TOP Moment & FAILURE @ 21 – 23 Minutes

Alpha Round: Habits, Productivity, Resources, Book Recomendation @ 23 – 26 Minutes


“Intention Is Cause”

Suggest Guests: Elon Musk, Grant Wise, Grant Cardone, Tom Billiu (Quest Bars)

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