The TOP 5 Daily Commitments And Training Techniques Used By THE Most Powerful, Successful, ELITE Men In The Modern World Today (And Those Aspiring To Be).

Jason S. Moore is a Husband, Dad, Athlete, Transformational Coach, Breakthrough Facilitator, Adventure Guide.

The founder of Awaken Hero Academy & Adventures, where I Help Over-Stressed, Out Of Shape, Middle-Aged Dads (re)Activate Their Physical BODY, Access New Ways Of BEING, And AWAKEN THE HERO Within.

In his own words:

I believe that every man has a HERO inside waiting to be AWAKENED and that the primary obstacle to that awakening is a deactivated, overstressed, and out of shape BODY coupled with unquestioned STRESSFUL THOUGHTS. And I believe your access to power and BREAKTHROUGH as a man is through deep inner work coupled with mental and physical commitments acted upon with accountability and support.

Having been someone who’s struggled with problems like major addictions, being overweight and out of shape, anxiety and depression, no energy, clarity, focus, or access to power, and who’s dealt with consequences, not only in my BODY, but in business, finances, relationships, and other areas, I can tell you that results or lack of results in health and fitness, especially as a MAN, have a direct impact on success or failure in every area of life.

If you want to get more into Jason’s “Five To Thrive” <<< he has a FREE report you can check out. Have a great week and get in touch if you have any questions about getting your edge back. ALW :)







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