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The power to Awaken Your Alpha is within you; it is within all of us.  This power comes in being present daily with your inner strength and true self.  Unlocking and accessing your Alpha more often and to a higher level will change what you can physically and mentally achieve, and guide you to operate from a position of inner power and confidence.

Drawing on hours of interviews with high-achiever’s from around the globe, Inside the ARENA Adam shares mindset keys and strategies to overcome adversity, live with significance and thrive.



What others are saying

John Rom‘Awaken Your Alpha outlines an effective model to help you identify, isolate, and address the differences between the man you are and the one you want to be. In addition to highlighting a bevy of men from around the world and their approach to overcoming adversity, Adam asks the hard questions needed to push through limiting beliefs with tactics that actually “move the needle” in your life.’

JOHN ROMANIELLO – NYT Best-selling Author ‘Engineering The Alpha’


PJ Dixon‘I’m pumped up, motivated and my testosterone is turned on! I’m ready to challenge myself and take action, today. Right now. Awaken Your Alpha appeals to men truly interested in bettering themselves. Nothing is promised. However, as a man – a real man – you can change your life with a single committed decision. Never take no for an answer when you’re faced with adversity and perceived overwhelm.’

PJ DIXON – Motivational speaker; life, love and relationship coach

J Blake‘Adam has spent the best part of the last five years interviewing people at the top of their game with one simple goal: to code success. The patterns and common denominators are now captured in one place and you are going to love the result. No matter what you are facing in your life, be it problem or question, Adam is bound to contain the answer or solution.’

JOHN BLAKE – Sales expert & founder of Sales Breakthrough Solutions


Reg LEN‘Each man can achieve greatness and happiness at the same time. Adam not only lived through the anguish of hitting the reset button on his life, he allowed himself the time to make his stand and clearly research this topic, while he guides you to understanding the importance of each of us making the time to take our own stand.’

REG LENNEY – The multi-award-winning Vital coach and author of ‘Be You’



Tim D‘When it comes to awakening your alpha, Adam Lewis Walker is the go-to man. Not only has he lived an elite life, he has interviewed hundreds of other elite men about what it takes to reach your maximum potential.  Adam represents this space with humility, grace and tons of energy. Best part is Adam the person is as good as it gets. He simply makes everyone around him better.’

TIM DIXON – Elite performance coach and author of ‘The Mental Locker’

Ramy‘Awaken Your Alpha was just brilliant. I found it an inspiring and compelling read, and hard to put down! I would highly recommend this real-world guidebook as a “must have” for anyone interested in achieving their true potential.’

RAMY ROMANY – Multiple Emmy-award-winning cinematographer & director


Alpesh‘Adam has assisted me in awakening my “inner man”. This comes from a sense of self-awareness, a built-in resilience and solemn promise to ourselves that no matter how many times we get knocked down, we get back up. The truth is that every man is going through his own set of challenges. Adam has provided me with great insight and tools for how to become the best version of myself.’

ALPESH H PATEL – Founder of Mi-Fone and author of ‘Tested’



Ryan Black‘Adam shares insightful, powerful and – most importantly – actionable mindsets and principles you can use to improve your life across many different domains. No matter where you’re currently at, there is a nugget of wisdom contained in here that will help you get to the next level of achievement.’

RYAN BLACK – Executive dating coach and co-founder of Infinite Man Summit


David S‘What does it mean to be a man? A real man in today’s world. It’s not easy and it’s only going to get tougher. In Awaken Your Alpha, Adam Lewis Walker has created the road map for a man of any age. He gives us a step by step process to quickly become the man we really want to be. I’m delighted about this as the world needs more real men.’

DAVID SHEPHARD – NLP master and founder of The Performance Partnership


Kavit H‘Provides many methods and paths to accelerate your success in life. Delivered through the stories of dozens of high achievers with Adam’s expert insight and ideas. Thankfully he has done the hard work.’

KAVIT HARIA – Online business strategist and author of ‘Don’t Sleep On It!’



Tom Cronin‘It’s times like this that we need a new way forward for the men of this world. This is where Adam and his book comes in. It is a must read for every man that wants to step up in their life with confidence and a vision of being a conscious leader.’

TOM CRONIN – Meditation master and founder of The Stillness Project






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Adam Lewis Walker is a lifestyle entrepreneur, high-performance coach and keynote speaker. He is also the host of the top-ranked podcast Awaken Your Alpha, interviewing the world’s elite in over 300 episodes since 2014.

A former teacher and international pole-vaulter, Adam was attempting to reach the Olympics in 2008 when his career was cut short by a freak accident. During the following two years on crutches, trying to cope with the realisation he would never compete again, Adam hit rock bottom. He had to rebuild his dreams and identity, eventually fighting back to represent Great Britain in a Paralympic sport and refocusing to help others achieve, regardless of their obstacles.

In 2013, Adam co-authored The New Rules of Success, sharing his no-nonsense approach to health, family and leadership. The success of this bestselling book led to the creation of Awaken Your Alphaand Adam’s quest to share inspirational stories, strategies and insights to becoming the leader in your life. As a coach and mentor, he works to cultivate the mindset needed for excellence and fulfilment with an alliance supporting action, accountability and adjustments to enhance legacy. As a keynote speaker, Adam gave the TEDx talk Awaken Your Alpha, How to Rise Up and has been featured in The Huffington Post, ESPN, PodFest, Influencers Radio and many other media outlets.

He is a proud parent to Dylan and Harrison with his wife Christina. Originally from West Sussex in the south of England, Adam recently achieved a lifelong dream to move his family to the United States.

“AWAKEN YOUR ALPHA – Tales & Tactics To Thrive” to this point, is his life’s work and well worth digging deeper inside the ARENA !



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