This episode is about survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA).

Did you know the Internet returns over 80 million results for “we need to talk more about childhood sexual abuse”? Telling your story is an important step in the healing journey.

Ed Squire previously provided strategic business management consulting services for over 40 companies in 20+ industries throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. Eventually, the sexual abuse he suffered as a child caught up with him. He found himself unable to work and on disability with complex post-traumatic stress disorder.

“When I reached my breaking point, I realized it was time to begin to tell my story. I had to acknowledge this truth to myself. I told a trusted friend, and when I was ready, my family and a few selected friends. That’s when the darkness in my life started to lift, and my healing journey from trauma began.”

Today he continues sharing his story, working on his mental health, and has become an inspiration to many other survivors with his movement #MeTooWhatNow. His priority is a daily commitment to continued personal growth, mindfulness, and living authentically. His passion is helping other survivors break free of fear, shame, and stigma by sharing their stories with someone they trust. Moving beyond Me Too focusing on What Now, empowering survivors to break free of fear, shame, and stigma.

ME TOO, WHAT NOW – Defined:
Me Too – Identifies I’m a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.
What Now – Focuses on living in the moment, while moving forward in the healing journey.

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Podcast by the Numbers:

2 MINS – Some things we talk about could be triggering

4 MINS – Origins in Canada and as a strategic business consultant

6 MINS – Sharing a horrific experience

8 MINS – Beginning to fall apart from the earlier trauma

10 MINS – Rock bottom in 2015

12 MINS – Sharing Survivor Stories (& Why)

14 MINS – Advice for other survivors of CSA

19 MINS – The damage that occurs



“It’s impossible to live authentically until you are able to live in the moment”


The Motivation Manifesto – Brendan Burchard



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