Life Unsettled is a podcast hosted by Thomas O’Grady in a world where life is unsettled.

How do you set yourself up for years to come (and start today) ?

Until recently, the years between 45 and 65 years of age were ‘net savings years’, those years where income was more than expenses and people saved for retirement.

Now, companies are replacing older workers. Meanwhile, while the net savings years are ripped apart, we’re all living much longer. So, how are people going to refocus their plans. Instead of retiring around 65 and living into their 70’s, people are losing jobs earlier and living into their late 80’s or 90’s.

Solutions to this come from a variety of economic areas, entrepreneurs, financial people, home businesses and secondary income.

The past is over. We can benefit by our experiences, but the past is behind us don’t dwell on it. The future is a dream, but all life is in the present, i.e. ‘Life Starts Now!’

The key question we answer in this episode is…

What do you do if you hit 50 and feel you have wasted a lot of time?

Thomas F. O’Grady received his PhD in Mathematical and Statistical Economics from the University of California at Berkeley. Since the age of 12 he’s been interested in entrepreneurial activities. He rose to the top in Soviet intelligence, broke Soviet codes 3 times; extended Nobel Laureate Daniel McFadden’s work at GM Research labs; as head of Chase Automotive Division reached profitability the chairman and president insisted was not possible; to international recognition in his international consulting firm; a top trainer in Advanced Programming and Database Development, wrote Database Developer’s Guide to Microsoft SQL Server (7); completely redirected corporate initiatives into customer focus. Besides hard work, he credits his success to constant independent learning and states that he learns from each person he meets.

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