The movement to empower business owners to thrive.
Not just in Business but Body and Life – without the sabotage.

We cover this week:
– Mental side of performance.
– Optimizing performance
– Training: Biggest Mistakes.
– Training: Home based V’s Gym Based.
– Nutrition: Biggest Mistakes.
– Nutrition: Top tips.
– Nutrition: Intermittent Fasting benefits.
– The power of sleep!

Darren Casey is the ‘Secret Weapon’ behind some of the most sucessfull business owners you probably know.

With 16 years experience in the real world coaching busy guys through a transformation, not just in their body, but in how they live, perceive their wellness and how they SEE themselves. 2015 saw Darren launch ‘Fit Entrepreneur Magazine‘ where his intention is to change the toxic ‘hustle culture’ of the modern day business owner, sabotaging their wellness, relationships and freedom for wealth.

BOOK Recommendations:
The Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiez (Practical Guide To Personal Freedom).

Who should I interview next on the podcast – Jessie Itzer

If you do want to look great naked while achieving more in life, lets talk about how YOU are going to make that a reality…



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