Fear is a language James G Butler speaks fluently in.  As an elite military diver and Afghanistan veteran he often rubbed elbows with death.  After a life threatening injury, his world crumbled.  In one fail swoop his marriage, career and military brotherhood faded into the distance.  James had two choices:  Take the desk job he was offered and wait out retirement, or say HELL NO and create a bad ass legacy!

Today James works with world leading mavericks choosing Hell NO in service of Hell YES.

HE IS ON A MISSION – We dig into why having a mission is vital and the true cost of not having one.


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What most people don’t know about me. But I want them to know about me is I have a reading disability. And when I was in high school it was really hard and a lot of people knew things that weren’t books that I could read. Then I felt really alone. I felt scared. I felt different. And it had me constantly striving to compensate for that. And so I got really good at sports. I got really good dating actually doing everything but academics.

when I when I was leaving high school I knew that I wanted to do something really incredible with my life. But at the time I believed that my intelligence was shot like it just I was fundamentally broken. So my options were really limited. Afghanistan was happening at the time and I went into the recruiting office and I said…

“What’s the most dangerous job you have?”

And they said well you can go do this thing called combat engineer. And they do everything from diving to skydiving to bomb disposal and everything in between. And I said OK sign me up…

I was afraid of being mediocre.

James tells us of a tragic time when he thought he might not be able to get back from War.

When he did get back, his adversity really started…

James: I wanted to stay in the military and I wanted to go to a more elite unit and it was Deep-Sea bomb disposal. I trained for about three years for this and that was my pinnacle focus, my time, my energy, my finances, my waking moments were all to be an elite performing human.

Forty days after being in it I have a catastrophic failure of my left lung while diving and I wake up in the hospital. I’ve got seven chest tubes, my left lung is destroyed. I go from being the most elite performing that I’ve ever been mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and then I wake up eight days later in the hospital. I’ve lost 65 pounds in eight days. I can’t walk and I can’t do my job anymore.

The 3 key stages to get you aligned with your mission, to clarify your mission.

What are REAL the consequences of NOT having a mission?



Checking his Authenticity multiple times a day and committing to having bold truthful conversations.

The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer.

“a mission is a concentration of power”

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