How to become a Master of INFLUENCE and transform your stage presence With NLP.

Have you ever been enthralled by a masterful presenter or trainer?

Have you longed to effortlessly entertain and motivate your audience just as they seemed to do?

The BEST Explanation I have ever hear of What is NLP? *12 minute mark

At one time it was considered that such captivating performances were possible only if you were one of the fortunate, “natural-born” presenters. Now, with the application of advanced human communication technologies such as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Accelerated Learning, everyone can learn to present magically. Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned professional, David Shepard sets out to provide you with masterful tips and techniques that could transform your presenting skills.

Introducing you to the secrets of many of the world’s top presenters, this episode explores:

how to adopt the beliefs and attitudes of master presenters;
how to become calm, balanced and centred;
how to connect with your audience;
how to structure your language for optimum effect;
how to handle hecklers;
how to use metaphor;
how to use gesture to access the unconscious mind of the viewer;
how to use and own the stage;
how to elicit stares from your audience and anchor them;
how to structure presentations to fit everyone’s learning style;

and how to grab the audience’s attention – and keep it.

The “CHARISMA Pattern” @ 14 minutes

Forget the ELAEVATOR Pitch… You need a STADIUM Pitch!

BIG FRONT SMALL BACK ?? @ 21 minutes

Tim Ferris @ 28 minutes



As well as Presenting Magically the book David produced an Audio and Video program consisting of 4 DVDs, 6 CDs and a full course manual. Previously this cost £349. Now David as released this and all of his other training products in a phone/tablet app. To make it as accessible to as many people around the world as possible it available for a month for free and then £6.99 per month there after.
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Recommended guest 1 >>> Steve McDermott
Recommended guest 2 >>> Greg Secker
Dream guest >>> Tim Ferriss

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“Think Not That All Wisdom Is In Your School”

“You Never Get Rich Digging Somebody Else’s Ditch”


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