This episode looks into how bad do you want it?

“You can make excuses or results, you can’t have both”

What are the 4 priorities you need to start with to get healthy and in what order?

Nicolas Bayerle along with his wife Amanda are the founders of the ‘How bad do you want it podcast’ and run the True challenge. Nicolas grew up preparing to be a motocross pro’ when a key event lead him to withdraw from life. He became depressed and overweight until one day a kid at school pulled something out of his backpack that changed it all. This lead him to being married at 20, having a successful experience with network marketing until it all went wrong very quick!

He has had to ask himself many times “How bad do you want it?” to get to this point, listen into the journey of a younger entrepreneur making it happen.

For more on Nick and Amanda >>> How bad do you want it podcast

If you do want more for yourself and are ready to do what is needed – lets talk about how YOU are going to make that a reality…



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