I am sure many of us when we were younger have woken up and not remembered much of the night before…

That happened to Mike, but he woke up in a Jail cell facing 10 years in prison! His life was changed for ever.

It could make him or break him, he decided it was going to make him.

Listen in to how Mike transformed his life and ‘Ex-con’ label to break free from circumstances and create success in life, family & business despite the odds.

Now Mike Pisciotta is a focused, unstoppable and internationally acclaimed internet marketing expert and social media junkie. He is a New Yorker with a snappy sarcastic sense of humor and very loud voice that if you “get him” you can’t help but love him. You’ll notice that he is very aggressive, fast-paced, always moving, can’t sit still to save his life, and he absolutely loves to take charge. Mike has used these characteristics to his advantage to create a persistent force to be reckoned with. He is a learning machine who taught himself to read and write 4 additional languages in just under 3 years! Mike is truly a phenom who keeps himself busy consistently improving himself and his many online businesses at a rapid rate.

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